Let’s craft your style, your way.

Your image is about more than just what you wear or how you look. It’s the story you tell about yourself. I am passionate about helping men and women discover a personal style they can not only own, but one that makes them feel empowered. Because there is nothing more attractive, inspiring or powerful than someone who is comfortable in their own skin. It radiates and affects all areas of a person’s life.

We don’t believe in makeovers. We are confidence builders.

We believe in authenticity. Because if you try to emulate someone else’s style, you will never feel comfortable with your own style. We are much more into positive transformations and igniting your true sense of self, focussing not only on the ‘outer’ appearance, but also your emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Considering the science of styling and colouring but also your unique circumstances, we create a tailormade solution just for you. What’s more, we continue to walk the journey with you as you age, have kids, change jobs or whatever other change life throws at you. So make a lifetime investment in your style story by getting in touch today.

Hello, I’m Cindy Hangone

I’ve always been passionate about fashion. I inherited my sense of style from my dressmaker grandmother, Anne. It was because of her that I developed an appreciation for beautiful, top quality clothing. She taught me how to properly take care of my wardrobe to extend its lifespan. But while she instilled a sense of style in me, I did not inherit her talent for design! Enter a law degree from the University of  the Western Cape and a decade working in the legal fraternity.

However, my passion for styling continued to be a big passion, so I decided to qualify as a certified image consultant and stylist through the SA Image Academy. I am in the process of obtaining my international certification through Image Innovators SA. Turning my hobby into a business, I founded CH Image and later co founded The Style Collective – an image consultancy to corporate clients which harnesses the expertise of various hand-picked partners.

As an image consultant, I use the most up-to-date and comprehensive image resources. Whether you need assistance defining your personal style, updating your wardrobe or enhancing your image to reach personal or professional goals, I’m always at your service to help you make your mark. I enjoy helping corporate companies, men and women set their own rules to become more confident in their personal and professional roles.

I’m also a guest speaker, host and facilitate style workshops. I live in Johannesburg with my husband Shaun, sons Luke and Jude and two yorkies, Louis and Gucci. I love orchids, quality time with family and friends, good coffee, fine dining and travelling.

My Family