Want to know what looks good on your body, all the time?

Men of Style is the online tool that will help you choose exactly the right garment every time. Call it your new best friend, it’s a style advisor in your pocket that puts you in control. No more rushing around finding the perfect outfit for an event or feeling confused by sales people. No more wasting money on clothes you’ll never wear. Knowing how to wear clothes that suit you will make you feel confident and stylish.

Men of Style covers the following areas:

  • Body Analysis: An assessment will be made according to your measurements and/or observations. This creates an accurate picture of your body shape which allows the programme to generate a platform of information from which the design elements of garments and accessories can be assessed for you.
  • Style Selection: Based on your analysis, your portfolio will give you comprehensive and specific style recommendations that will enhance every aspect of your physical appearance. Shopping and co-ordination will be made easier, your wardrobe will fill with things that make you look and feel great, and compliments will begin to flow.and compliments will begin to flow.
Let’s get you styled