Coco Chanel once said that the best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you. By wearing the right colours you will look healthier, vibrant and years younger.  This pertains especially to the colours you wear closest to your face. You want to create an overall effect of harmony. Discovering your best colours is so exciting. You will become more confident with your style and the way you dress.  Knowing which colours suit you best will also save you time and money when shopping.

During a colour analysis you will learn:

  • Using a selection of colour drapes, we will show you which colours suits you best and determine into which one of the 12 colour flow groups you fall into.
  • Which fabrics, textures, prints and patterns suits you best.
  • Your signature, enhancer and intensifier colours
  • The level of contrast you can wear

You will take home:

  • A high quality directional colour swatch
  • A full colour e-book
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